The Quantified City

At Future Cities Lab, we approach the city as series of intersecting data fields. We refer to this as the 'data layers' of the city. 

These are comprised of: 

•Higher atmosphere (EU & US satellites/remote sensing that generate data regarding environmental conditions at the urban scale)

•Urban atmosphere (multiple fixed and mobile sensors that generate data regarding environmental conditions and human exposures at the urban scale)

•Street/neighborhood (open civic data regarding transport, health, environment; enterprise data regarding ride sharing and citizen transport; smart phone data regarding human mobility at the   urban scale)

•Social/community (volunteered data on neighborhood/city locations & services via citizen platforms, social media and urban games; apps generating human health and wellbeing data; clinical data from health systems).

These intersecting data fields allow us to generate unique and meaningful portraits of risk and resilience for each city, and deep insight to guide urban decision-makers, businesses and citizens.