We deliver a framework we call The Living City™

Our Cities

  • Paris

  • New York

  • Barcelona

  • singapore

We are exploring engagements with



  • Sydney

  • Los angeles

  • Milan

  • seattle

  • Lisbon

Our Wins

We have designed or co-designed successful projects for the European Commission. we currently participate in projects valued at 10 million euros

  • Future Cities Lab is the designer, main author and lead partner on the PULSE project (Participatory Urban Living for Sustainable Environments)
  • Future Cities Lab is an important scientific and technological partner on the City4Age project

The PULSE Project

Future Cities Lab recently designed a multi-city project involving five global cities

  • We address the impacts of climate change and air pollution on urban populations, especially those vulnerable to the health risks of chronic disease
  • We focus on empowering citizens to understand and manage shifting patterns of health risk
  • We provide real-time data and personalized insight to encourage citizens to embrace positive behaviors
  • We coach citizens to make optimum choices in the context of environmental and social risk

This PULSE project involves 12 partners from 6 countries and is funded by the European Commission (5m euros)

The City4Age Project

We are involved in developing solutions for active and healthy aging in global cities. We are partnering with multiple stakeholders to define, build and deliver these solutions

see Our City Interventions

We are proud to be partnering with Digital Birmingham, UK, in the City4Age project.