Our Values

We believe smart cities are equal, diverse, inclusive cities

  • We believe in co-creating solutions with city partners and citizens
  • We believe in human-centered design for future cities
  • We believe in developing tools that unleash human potential
  • We believe in positive technologies that promote social and environmental justice

Our Mission

We believe the time is right to disrupt smart city models

  • We believe the form and structure of the future city will differ from today's cities
  • We believe it’s critical to reimagine cities - to transcend the traditional city systems - to think beyond the administrative categories that service the city (transport, planning, energy)
  • We believe it’s critical to work at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical layers of the city. It's here we will find transformative solutions that take account of human and environmental factors

We apply future thinking to cities

  • We are committed to urban innovation
  • We model and crowdsource future cities
  • We tap into the 'surplus city' beyond infrastructure and service layers to access the rich stream of behavioral data in the city
  • We provide high-level evaluative tools on behavior in digitized spaces
  • We use data as a vehicle for communication and change
  • We provide opportunities for the co-creation of sustainable urban spaces